As a senior leader how do you ensure that your thinking remains strategic and relevant?

As a leader how many people around you give you healthy levels of challenge?  How much is enough challenge to help your grow and expand your thinking?  In my 30+ year career I’ve observed there are seldom enough people with the courage or conviction to really challenge senior executives from a place of real care and concern for whole organisation.  This could be from a fear of reprisal, making a career limiting move, or perhaps from some perception of what it means to be respectful.   The sad thing is senior executives are in danger of stagnating and even becoming irrelevant without healthy levels of challenge.  Supportive challenge can help us think beyond the day to day and deal with more imperative long-term strategic issues.  Long term strategic thinking is after all the key role of an executive.  Having a great coach is a safe way for executives to open their strategic thinking beyond the here and now to Recognise what really matters and to stay relevant in Volatile Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous world.