How well do you lead change?  Many of us have been told that change is hard, people resist change and change takes a long time.  If one of these is embedded in your mindset around change leadership then I’d encourage a bit of personal re-programming.  Having led many change programmes ranging from international organisational cultural integrations to small restructures of roles and teams, my view is that organisations and leaders often make change harder than it needs to be by taking on too much of the a ‘my role is to make change happen’ or ‘push’ mindset versus one of ‘my role is to empower and inspire this team to make the change happen with my support’.  Oftentimes the resistors get all the energy and attention when, as a leader of change, we are better off giving oxygen, energy and empowerment to the people willing to have a say and give the change a try.  These are the people who will create a bow wave and bring the rest along.